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Founded in 2006 by Australian native Raegan Moya-Jones, Aden & Anais (A+A) introduced the first muslin swaddle blanket to the United States.

Tips for Introducing Your Baby to Solid Food

An exciting milestone in every parent’s life is introducing solid food into their baby’s diet. But what kind of foods should you try? Will they even eat anything? How long should you keep using formula or breast milk? What foods should you avoid? Here’s everything you need to know about feeding your baby solid food.


Is Your Baby Ready?

There are a few general criteria used to determine if your baby is ready for solid foods. First, your baby should be between 4 and 6 months old and able to sit upright and hold their head. They should be curious about the world around them, and you may notice them reaching for your food. They may lean forward and open their mouth, trying to get the food. Your baby should no longer have the tongue reflex that pushes food out of their mouth. Finally, if your baby is mouthing their hands and toys, they may be ready.

Breast Milk and Formula

Before starting solid foods, it’s important to note that solid foods will not replace breast milk or formula yet. Breast milk or formula will continue to be your baby’s primary source of nutrition until they are a year old, so don’t put away the burp cloths just yet! Introducing solid foods at this stage is more to prepare your baby for later, so they get a feel for the texture of food and the mechanics of eating.

First Solid Foods

The first thing you should know: This is going to be messy. Get the baby bibs ready and have a spare outfit picked out for both you and the baby. One of the best solid foods to try first is single-grain cereal, which is high in iron. Combine one teaspoon of the cereal with four or five teaspoons of breast milk or formula.

Another common type of food to introduce early is soft fruits such as strawberries and bananas. You can cut them down, though not small enough to be a choking hazard, or puree them.

Finger Foods

Many babies also like trying to self-feed. Finger foods should be soft, not hard. Mashed potatoes, avocados, and bananas are good options. Harder food items such as sliced apples, baby carrots, and meats should be avoided to start.

Foods to Avoid

While there are foods to avoid because they are harder to eat, there are also some foods to avoid because they can be dangerous to the baby. Honey, cow’s milk, nuts, and grapes should all be avoided at this stage. Especially avoid anything that could be a choking hazard, and always watch your baby while they experiment with solid foods, just in case they have trouble.

About aden + anais

Known for their signature super-soft cotton muslin products, aden + anais is loved by parents for their stylish, versatile products. Their blankets are favorites of parents and gift-givers alike, able to transform from blanket to stroller cover to emergency burp cloth. aden + anais aims to provide both new and seasoned parents with cute, practical baby essentials. Founded in 2006, they focus on safety, comfort, simplicity, and style. Their high-quality, Insta-worthy offerings include baby blankets, bibs, swaddles, and more.

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