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Founded in 2006 by Australian native Raegan Moya-Jones, Aden & Anais (A+A) introduced the first muslin swaddle blanket to the United States.

Everything You Need for Thanksgiving with Your Baby

Thanksgiving can be a fun, if stressful time. Getting together with family, cooking a feast, then enjoying dinner together are holiday ideals, and your baby doesn’t have to be left out. It can be tricky juggling your baby with Thanksgiving duties but having the right tools can take away some stress, especially if your family can help take care of your baby. Here’s what you need to have a successful Thanksgiving with your baby.

Baby Bibs

Whether your baby is feeding from a bottle or is ready to try solid foods cut down to size, they will need a baby bib. They probably won’t eat all of the mashed potatoes you try to feed them, and without a bib, you’ll have quite the mess on your hands. Save your hosting outfit, and your baby’s, with a baby bib. Whether it’s a traditional bandanna type or one that fits all the way around your baby’s shoulders to catch sneaky dribbles is up to you. The best baby bibs are highly versatile and unsnap after your baby is finished eating, transforming into burp cloths for extra protection.

Burp Cloths

Whether it’s a transformed baby bib or a standalone, burp cloths are also essential for Thanksgiving mealtime. In order to avoid a spit-up incident, you’ll need to burp your baby occasionally. Without a burp cloth, you risk a burp turning into spit-up, necessitating a change in ensemble while the rest of your family enjoys the delicious meal.

High Chair or Booster Seat

If Thanksgiving is at your home, you likely already have a high chair. If it’s at a relative’s house, you might need to bring your own or find a high chair to borrow. Some high chairs break down for easy traveling, or convert into a booster seat for use on an existing chair at the table, taking up less space and letting your baby be closer to the table. Plan out ahead of time where your baby will be sitting during dinner.

Receiving Blanket

After dinner, you can use a receiving blanket as a playtime mat while everyone relaxes post-dinner. If needed, the receiving blanket can act as a burp cloth after Thanksgiving dinner, or you can swaddle your baby and put them down for a nap with a full tummy. You can also use the receiving blanket as an emergency changing pad.

Toys and Books

Under no circumstances should you forget to bring things to entertain your baby. This likely means their favorite toys and books. If you are busy helping to prepare or clean up dinner, your family can play with and read to your baby, keeping them entertained and happy.

Backup Clothes

Just in case, have another set of clothes for you and your baby. Whether it’s changing from fancy outfit to something a little more comfortable, or your baby got food on them despite your best efforts, a set of back-up clothes is essential. There’s also the possibility of blow-outs, necessitating a quick change. Bring plenty of diapers as well.

About aden + anais

Since 2006, aden + anais has focused on comfort, safety, simplicity, and Instagram-worthy designs when developing their products. They offer cute, practical, and versatile baby essentials perfect for both new and seasoned parents alike. They’re well-known for their signature cotton muslin baby blankets. The super-soft blankets are highly versatile, and favorites of parents and gift-givers alike. The blankets double as everything from stroller covers to changing pads and swaddles to burp cloths. Their effortlessly stylish, high-quality offerings include burp cloths, baby bibs, blankets, swaddles, and more.

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