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Founded in 2006 by Australian native Raegan Moya-Jones, Aden & Anais (A+A) introduced the first muslin swaddle blanket to the United States.

8 Things to Leave at Baby’s Grandparents’ House

Traveling with your baby can be hard enough without remembering to bring essential items. Some are large, making them hard to take on a plane or jam in the car. Others are easy to forget or overlook, like extra baby blankets. Leave a few of these items at baby’s grandparents’ house so you won’t have to travel with or remember them.
Food Items

There are plenty of food items that can be left to ensure you always have what your baby needs. Bottles, sippy cups, spoons, bowls, baby bibs, and snacks are all essentials. Make sure your parents have the right brand or type of item, approved by you. Having the right items on hand will help ensure that visits go super smoothly.

High Chair or Booster Seat

Depending on how old your baby is, they will need a high chair or booster seat. These can be hard to travel with but are vital to baby mealtime. Baby’s grandparents can even have a high chair that converts to a booster seat to save space when you and the baby are not visiting.


Having a receiving blanket or two ready for when the baby arrives can be very useful for your parents. The best blankets are highly versatile, able to not just warm and swaddle your baby, but also work as a play mat, changing pad, and emergency burp cloth.

Diaper Changing Supplies

Parents can be particular about diaper brands, and for good reason. Having the right size and brand, plus wipes and a changing pad, can help avoid scrambling to find somewhere to change a dirty diaper. It may also be worthwhile for baby’s grandparents to invest in a diaper pail if you don’t want to run to the trash can every diaper change.

Toys and Books

Having a few toys on hand is essential. Grandparents don’t need to have too many toys, as you will likely bring your child’s favorite toys. Keeping a few on hand can keep your baby busy, and they’ll likely want to shop for toys and fun activities themselves too! Even better than toys, grandparents should keep some books on hand. Share your baby’s favorite series with your parents to have options your baby is sure to love.

Travel Crib

A travel crib is collapsible and can be easily stored after you and baby leave. It’s also essential for safe sleeping. The travel crib can double as a safe play area, adding extra utility to the crib.


Grandparents keeping a light stroller can help you with not having to carry a bulky stroller through an airport or put it in the back of the car, freeing up space. This also ensures you, baby, and baby’s grandparents can go for a walk with little hassle.

Baby Bathtub

A safe baby bathtub, whether it’s a plastic tub for a bigger bathtub or one for a sink, is a good idea for anywhere your baby will spend a lot of time. The latter can also be helpful for baby’s grandparents if they want to help, since they won’t have to bend down to give a hand.

About aden + anais

Since 2006, aden + anais has been offering versatile, practical, and cute baby essentials for both new and seasoned parents. Their signature cotton muslin baby blankets are favorites of parents and gift-givers alike. The super-soft blankets double as stroller covers, swaddles, changing pads, and burp cloths. aden + anais’ products are made with a focus on comfort, simplicity, and style, and always developed with safety in mind. With high-quality, effortlessly stylish offerings including swaddles, baby bibs, blankets, burp cloths, and more, aden + anais has the perfect products for you and your baby.

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