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Founded in 2006 by Australian native Raegan Moya-Jones, Aden & Anais (A+A) introduced the first muslin swaddle blanket to the United States.

What Should You Gift at a Gender-Reveal Party? Some Gender-Neutral Options

Gender-reveal parties are becoming the norm when even just a few years ago it seemed like the only gift-giving event before a baby’s birth was the coveted baby shower. Now, with so many creative ways to reveal a baby’s gender, it’s fitting to throw a party to celebrate. The gifts that you can give at a gender-reveal party are typically in the same ballpark as baby showers except for one caveat: You don’t know what the baby’s gender will be.
Fear not, as now a days there are not only more gender-neutral options than ever before, but the traditional blue-pink dichotomy isn’t as forced as it used to be. So, if you have a gender-reveal party coming up, here are a few gift ideas sure to go over well with the expecting couple.

Burp Cloths

Every baby, regardless of gender, spits up and can make surprising messes on mom’s or dad’s shoulders. To keep their clothes looking fresh and to wipe up any messes, they'll appreciate burp cloths—and plenty of them at that. Just because they’re practical items that can get a bit dirty doesn't mean that they can't be super cute. Look for fun patterns and prints that work well for boys and girls that the parents-to-be will love, and you'll hit it out of the park with this practical yet stylish gift.

Receiving Blankets

Every baby can find comfort in a receiving blanket. These blankets are perfect for a variety of different uses, but they really shine when it comes time for changing—especially in out-of-the-house environments. Super soft receiving blankets made of cotton muslin can help keep baby comfortable and protected on the changing surface. Look for receiving blankets in a variety of shades and patterns and bundle one (or two!) with a pack of diapers. The new parents will appreciate the gesture.

Swaddling Blankets

Swaddling is an art form that involves wrapping a baby up in an adorable blanket burrito to soothe them so they can gently drift off to sleep. High-quality, super soft baby blankets are a must for a snug, comforting swaddle. Along with the other blankets and nursery essentials that you can bring to a gender-reveal party, a swaddling blanket or two in a cute, calming pattern should be on your list.

Crib Sheets

Finally, crib sheets are a great gift to add to any nursery. You can opt for solid color sheets in a pleasant shade or seek out some crib sheets with cute patterns or cartoon characters that match their nursery theme. If you’re not sure about their nursery theme or they don’t yet have one nailed down, just try to select a high-quality crib sheet made with breathable materials such as cotton muslin and select a color or pattern you think the couple would enjoy.

About aden + anais

Since 2006, aden + anais has crafted cute baby essentials that new and experienced parents find to be both practical and effortlessly stylish. The company is well-known for its collection of super soft cotton muslin baby blankets that are perfect for swaddling, covering, or playtime. aden + anais’ products are high-quality, practical, and effortlessly stylish. Beyond their swaddling blankets, they also offer other essentials like nursing covers, burp cloths, stroller covers, and diapers, so all parents can find everything that they need in one place.

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