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Founded in 2006 by Australian native Raegan Moya-Jones, Aden & Anais (A+A) introduced the first muslin swaddle blanket to the United States.

Winter Essentials for Babies

Winter is here, and snow is on the ground in many areas. Fortunately, with these winter essentials, it’s easy to keep your baby warm. From baby blankets to a winter sleeping bag, hats to booties, each of these will help keep the cold at bay.


The most obvious necessity during winter is a receiving blanket. Wrapped up during the day or swaddled at night, a cotton muslin blanket will keep your baby warm and is super soft to the touch. It can also be used as a playmat and barrier between them and a cold floor.


While a onesie can work as pajamas in summer, long-sleeve pajamas are needed in the winter. For younger babies, a one-piece set of pajamas with a zipper will keep them warm. For older babies, usually starting around 12 months, a two-piece set of long pajamas will help them sleep tight.

Winter Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag, or sleep sack, usually comes in either summer or winter versions. Be sure you get a winter sleeping bag when shopping for the season. Sleeping bags are worn over pajamas and can be thought of as wearable blankets. These are ideal for babies who no longer need swaddling but are not old enough to sleep with a blanket in the crib. These are best used when the baby’s room is between 60 and 68 degrees.


Hats, especially knit, will keep your baby’s head warm, comfy, and cozy. Find one that will grow with your baby and is snuggly but stretchy. If you are going outside, make sure that the hat covers your baby’s ears.

Socks and Mittens

You want thick, warm socks to keep little toes warm. Through the head and feet are how babies lose heat, so make sure to keep both covered when it’s cold, particularly when taking them outside to enjoy the snow. You will want lots of socks, and don’t be afraid to mix and match. For hands, get a few pairs of mittens. Since your baby won’t be doing much outside, just keeping their hands warm is a priority.

Warm Shoes

Keep tiny feet extra warm with baby shoes. These are often made of fleece, with Velcro straps to hold the shoes onto even the wiggliest of feet, staying on despite kicks.

Thick Jackets

If you are taking your baby outside, get a thick, puffy jacket to keep them warm. Layer them with a warm onesie, hat, socks, coat, and mittens.

Designs for the Closest Cuddle

Keeping your baby close can help regulate their temperature and keep them warm. When out and about, they don’t need a puffy jacket if they are close to your body. A traditional carrier is ideal when out and about, and you need both hands. If you are inside and relaxing with your baby, a baby bonding top, meant for skin-to-skin contact, will keep your baby warm. Not to be confused with a baby carrier, this top is not intended for hands-free use.

About aden + anais

aden + anais is loved by parents and babies alike for their signature super-soft cotton muslin products. Their blankets are highly versatile, and favorites of parents and gift-givers alike. They double as everything from stroller covers to changing pads and swaddles to burp cloths. aden + anais has provided new and seasoned parents with cute, practical, and versatile baby must-haves since 2006, focusing on safety, simplicity, comfort, and style. Their Insta-worthy, stylish, high-quality offerings include baby bibs, burp cloths, blankets, swaddles, and more.

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